The New Transparency – Why Reference Checking Matters More in a Digital World

Traditional reference checking is an artifact but digital reference checking matters more now than ever. Why?

Register for the webinar with Allan Schweyer (Human Capital Thought-Leader) to learn how the digital economy and social media have transformed reference-checking.

Learn: – What has changed – Why Traditional reference checking fails – How digital reference checking get to the truth

Recruitment Analytics

Learn about recruitment analytics and how the KPI’s used to effectively measure recruitment advertising have shifted, offering a set of revised metrics based on the industry’s changing landscape.

The Rise of Enterprise Engagement

The purpose of this webcast is to update everybody on some of the very exciting and unprecedented opportunities in the field of enterprise engagement. In today’s webinar, we discuss:

  1. What is the overall framework of enterprise engagement?
  2. What are the game changing things happening around enterprise engagement?
  3. Explanation of the enterprise engagement framework.