Faculties and Academies

Compelling Pitch to HR folks who are attending webinar about our custom curriculum services…

Help us build the world’s largest free talent management university. Partners run entire faculties (e.g., The Faculty of Enterprise Engagement) or they fund specific academies, featuring certifications in specialty programs within talent management and leadership (e.g. the Appcast Academy).

Faculties and Academies enjoy all of TMLUs tools and functionality.

Run Your Own Academy

Help us build the world’s largest free talent management & leadership university.

We’re looking for partner to help us build out TMLU.

  • Partners to lead academies in broad aspects of talent management (e.g., talent acquisition, retention, analystics, etc.)

  • Partners to develop certificate programs in specific categories (e.g., candidate relationship management, employer branding, leadership development, etc.)

Partners leverage all of TMLUs tools and functionality.

TMLU features and tools for Partners

Access a library of lessons, modules and courses and/or create your own. TMLU offers professionally designed training and tools to create your own learning. You can keep your courses internal or share them with customers and prospects.
Professional certification in your specialty helps employees and customers learn new skills and earn credentials that can boost their careers.
Flexible quiz tools make knowledge checks engaging, feedback helps leaners gauge their progress.
TMLU’s calendar lets you communicate with and manage employees’ learning schedules and track their progress.
Design role-based and structured learning paths that are visually inviting with gamification and social learning.
Allow employees to create professional and engaging courses, right from their desktops. Peer-to-peer learning can build your library quickly and nurture a culture of knowledge-sharing.
Manage all aspects of your academy through our administrator module, generate reports and dashboards and analyze use.

For more information email allans@tmlu.org