How it Works

how-it-works-1It’s simple. TMLU is an online university designed to share talent management and leadership innovations and best practice. Our courses are available online and on-demand which means you can access high quality, succinct learning, anytime, anywhere and earn credentials at the same time. Here’s how:

  1. Join. Join TMLU, it takes less than two minutes and you can save your login so that future visits are even easier. Just select the “Registration” tab and sign up.
  2. Find your program or course. Choose the course or program you’re interested in from the “Academies” or “Courses (NEW)” tabs. Select upcoming webinars from the ”Webinars” tab and recorded webinars from the “Resources” tab.
  3. how-it-works-2All courses are free, certifications require a small fee.
  4. We keep track of your learning to make it easy for you to chart your progress and manage your learning. Don’t worry about signing up for a service or paying any fees by mistake, whenever you choose a fee-based option on the site, it will alert you and ask for your credit card. You will never be billed or invoiced unless you specifically request a fee-based service. And, if you aren’t satisfied with anything you purchase, we will fully refund you upon request, for any reason, within 10 days.

Questions? Please send all questions to We promise a prompt response.

Which are the best browser versions for viewing TMLU?

The site can be best viewed in the latest version of your browser. For best results, upgrade to the latest version of your browser. IE version – 11.0, Mozilla Firefox version – 28.0 , Chrome version – 34.0 and Safari version – 5.1.7

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What is free and what costs money?

All courses are free, if you decide to earn a certification you will be required to pay a small fee. If you aren’t satisfied with anything you purchase, we will fully refund you upon request, for any reason, within 10 days.”

What is the difference between a Course and a Certificate Program?

  • A. Course: A course is an online, on-demand “module” that ranges from about 15-30 minutes in length with recommended additional reading and viewing.
  • B. Program: A Certificate Program consists of free preparatory courses and resources as well as quizzes that you must pass to achieve a professional designation.

How do I qualify for a Certificate of Completion, a Program Certificate and Credits?

  • A. Certificate of Completion: Every course module comes with a badge of completion. You can track badges earned in your learner profile.
  • B. Certification: You are eligible for Program Certification after you successfully complete the associated course modules and quizzes. A Program Certification is a formal, recognized credential and comes with internationally recognized credits from TMLU and SHRM.
  • C. Credits: You are eligible for credits (continuing education units) after you successfully complete any certificate program. Credits for successful program completion are awarded by TMLU and SHRM.

What if I start a program or course but don’t finish it?

You can take the courses on-demand at your own pace. You can start and stop at any point and pick up where you left off when you return.

I can’t access the live webinars because I can’t download the webinar software, what do I do?

Some organizations do not allow employees to download apps or other software to their computers for security reasons. Please ask your IT department to install the software for you. Alternatively, slides for each live presentation are made available about 4 hours prior to the webinar at the course page. You can download the slides and follow along by phone. Or you can wait 2-3 days until the on-demand course is available.

How do I keep track of the courses and programs I’m enrolled in and have completed?

Every TMLU member is provided a personal folder under the “My Profile” button on the top right side of the home page. Your folder is automatically updated each time you subscribe to a course or enroll in a certificate program. Each week, TMLU updates your “My Profile” folder to show the courses and programs you’ve completed.

What is the difference between “registering” for a course or “subscribing” to a Course?

Registering: When you want to attend a webinar, you do so by registering for it at TMLU or a partner site. There is no cost. After registering for a webinar, you’ll receive email reminders as the date of the webinar course approaches. Where applicable, you also receive immediate access to all of the course materials, including slides, readings and videos. Following the live course, you’ll gain access to the recording, transcript, and the on-demand course as soon as they are available after the live course concludes.

Subscribing to a course means joining an on-demand course module.

Can a group of employees at one location participate jointly in a live webinar by showing it in a meeting or conference room on a large screen? If yes, will all who participate receive a certificate of completion?

The answer is yes in both cases. After the webinar, the organizer must send TMLU a list of all of the people who attended (to: To qualify for their Certificates of Completion, each person must attend at least 75{668a83054329c6d7084a6557c1144cd7b5f0a44c4acf1e92e766c5734c8066e4} of the webinar. Along with the names, we ask the organizer to verify that everyone attended for at least 75{668a83054329c6d7084a6557c1144cd7b5f0a44c4acf1e92e766c5734c8066e4} of the workshop, for example, 30 minutes of a 40 minute webinar. Organizers should state in their email words to the effect: “I, attest that each of the persons on the list below attended the webinar course for a period of no less than __ minutes of the __ minute webinar.” TMLU will email all of the records of completion to the organizer for distribution, or, if the organizer supplies each persons’ email, we will mail directly to them. Anyone who misses more than 25{668a83054329c6d7084a6557c1144cd7b5f0a44c4acf1e92e766c5734c8066e4} of the webinar can always make it up afterward by watching the webinar online at

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