The Talent Management Leadership University (TMLU) provides immediate, relevant and accessible learning from the world’s best minds in talent management and leadership, all in an online, on-demand environment.

We help Strategic HR & Talent Management professionals and leaders learn to inspire committed performance for better results. Our courses and programs are recognized and endorsed for credit by the world’s foremost professional accrediting bodies and certification institutes.

Our goal is to create a complete talent management university, offering certification courses and programs in strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition, engagement, retention, diversity & inclusion, learning, leadership, performance management and talent analytics.

We aim to achieve this mission in a unique way by building courses taught in three ways:

  • On-demand courses
  • Free online webinars
  • Certification programs aimed at individuals, teams and organizations

Our courses and programs are short, high impact and interactive. They are research-based and created in partnership with leading professional associations, authors, professors, practitioners, and thought leaders worldwide.

Courses and training programs are highly customized and geared to the immediate needs of learners. Each course builds on leading edge know-how and best practices.

In the words of TMLU’s Founder and President, Allan Schweyer:

“The creation of free education and low-cost professional certification programs in talent management and leadership is intended to make the world’s best learning in the field available to anyone, anywhere. Our non-profit mission ensures the independence of the curriculum and certification process.

With the demand for formal human capital management practices growing – from senior executives, investors and standards organizations – it’s time for organizations in all economic sectors to develop a formal strategy around building better, more engaged relationships with the workforce.

TMLU aims to create a complete range of certificate programs across the spectrum of talent management and leadership, each centered on the principles of leading people through inspiration and engagement that drives passionate performance.